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tv   RT News  PBS  May 1, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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be. you would need new one this program is brought you by. critically. we'd from norway's mainstream crews were lies. her group exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. tia
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got under our facts straight it has made a downtown istanbul in full swing. this piece take on nachos seeking to define a bundle demonstrations and the famous ducks in a square of overseas crew gets caught in the crossbar. i may say demonstrations take place in the publications across the globe with people making of and again everything from all stars heat to low wages that things will never once complaining at the battle i'm divorced execution in the hat might lead to comix you're ugly thing and added a nice looking outraged human rights defenders called for moratorium on death penalty
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the eye. will. on the flight from moscow time to catch up with pink chalk. i knew make the writings of bonk once again on sally's the bond is based on the symbols become the scene along darling street by tolls. he's come a time in a state notch with teargas and water cannon the conflict trying to get to the infamous seems quite act in defiance of the government demonstration in fact the cases were seen having multiple scales and one that was the security forces in response a poetry from local his lack of a situation where many parents with a heavy police presence in the street. he's got pace and see what's on top of it i eat. the white bay. will i buy it. he liked the place
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and got ready. the ad. it's what you'd like. i look. i think. i think that it will in light of light. reporting from the hotel we should they stumble you can follow that with the field with one of the nation by saying the shop owners and local residents an hour in the streets after i think the damage and is the center will be on planting more trees isn't because of the camps thing is
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that on pricing breaking up i might say what it again oversee and unemployment are they held across the globe including in the offseason marina across her reports now from the greek capital. so i was worth a lot of yourselves the time i sit here with me of thousands of people have gathered in the sense that happens all the anonymous letter. i like the sector unions will be demonstrations and strikes last month. it was less than the one that lights up. such people. in some cases that splits cheese each company all over again. still trying but since nothing has been achieved this year is more important than ever to celebrate may day so we can change what's going on across europe. it's not just for priests to your
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life. here's what's happened elsewhere in the past that mark may day started with all right. well here in berlin the may day demonstrations go and do a good day. leah with a service station taking place the wednesday evening by a group of anti capitalist open ice agents held a long time ago but never posted that to a cd is full of but sexy but as far as these people it comes that this building sexy when you're just cool the light. hunter said adding that he is according to the golden eyes as if the top fermenting song that's our ac and black ink pasta even if he saved a ton today and they tend not to make its way by train. the center of the capital and that's when i am now in the final this black icons of our trips to date she strike then took us a seat to a standstill said hazel surprise that the trade unions are expected to be out in full force for that thing
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that most of them protesting against government cuts to status as a state team seven will bring you the months as it takes place meanwhile in most amazing demonstration had been held in his story to red square at halftime and twenty three hits over one hundred thousand people also took part in festivities of the nighttime trade he needs we're looking at like the kid that from. i may need that right now with thousands of people are taking constant rate that you find it even know what is enraged by it cut steak into. while preceding skirts and pull the sea of facing wants a pity some of that possible riots one because if elaine ha of ronnie's around a while bringing in mind the updates and expert opinion will heal amounting to much. bush aide
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execution of the gulag has left a comment to what the online thing in the knee before dying of a concert on the terrific dad has sparked calls for a moratorium on capital punishment and when it's normally takes an average of six minutes for a prisoner to dine on to the receiver lethal injection but the place look as if to fixed lines. don't stop keep dying in extreme pain for three minutes walk to the drunks were administered all season a part time how small the story. america is among the top five nations that leave the world in executions. they are reset lethal injection gone back to typical execution should take it that way about six and twelve minutes to forty three minutes of the universe blinds were closed because something was going so wrong is casting a spotlight on making him the map it's behind capital punishment in
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the us the american and the world is getting a close up the courage to look at the depth of the anti really operates and what we're seeing is ugly. on tuesday oklahoma in me clean unlock it died a slow and people that after his lethal injection was administered witnesses say he was withering around for forty three minutes telling dr something's wrong. before eventually suffering a massive heart attack. it began writing or maturity to head in it or to police. he tried to speak at the market well the first two are inaudible but the economy failing to work and picking them to compete in the bay he turned and looked around the cemetery and body shuddered at the time low according to reports the three drugs used to kill off key are not primarily intended as execution trucks and come with a host of warnings about suppressing the respiratory system and
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causing trouble in recent years. drug makers mostly in europe have stopped selling their medications to u s prisons because they don't want their products be used to kill individuals as a result seeds have scrambled to find new suppliers and cattle own recipes for executions. he made he says officials refused to disclose which drugs or b use and where they're coming. when states are refusing to provide this kind of information. the tragic result we saw in oklahoma are what we're going to get. in january in ohio in me took twenty five minutes to die by injection gas being repeatedly as he leaned on the stretcher in oklahoma another prisoner complained of feeling his whole body burning after being recently injected the injections by the way are being administered by prison officials are not medical professionals medical community. doctors in particular are prohibited by their ethical olds who picked
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as a pt in executions in this way. and one of the issues that come up over and over again is whether the people who are actually a ministry that tried to gauge the executions have that ring and an experience to do this in a way that is consistent the constitution. oklahoma has granted a two week all to all executions but in many other states critics say experiments on to row inmates will carry on during a i am rt new york. parenting capital punishment is legal in texas the us state of the most common method of execution is lethal injection execution began its chain by a firing squad and honey also not in some places. a recent study suggests that about one and twenty five prisoners on death row are actually different times and the munching on to tell the market scene which reports in criminal justice and that should be more transparency around executions. there's no
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question that the bad things are happening or resulting from the use of these new largely untested drugs that the government is not providing information on where they got them or some cases what the drums are the state reports that it is executing people. on behalf of the to keep the safe as part of the criminal justice system and so on. if that's the case in the has a right to know what's going on during that process what drugs are you seeing what the effects of the drug store where the drugs came from the notion that our government can execute people basically in secret using drugs that they're not disclosing where they kept him from or what the terms are his and greet in moral issue. i have a late and i were on that. positioning the full protection thousands of people assigned to him and calling on the uk government to criminalize the tenth to finance was so well. here's to four thousand
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one soul that site is up to the country's interim president of the men said he's unable to quell the unrest making itself the street just behind the basis of this break. off i. i a. but you don't think a notch with honey with it ukraine us with the tories troops from its southeastern regions and condemnation wind tunnel that the view of russia's president. education discount the ongoing ukrainian prices over the phone with the jam in turn sought uncle a moscow has requested russia's health benefits to a red's piano is seen in a shed that is why being detained in eastern ukraine meanwhile ukraine's state security and special forces have held a mission trails in the capital on to become overnight. how many vehicles were seen passing through the streets of kiev
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on two men were reportedly supported and trained home and building described as the country's defense ministry did not miss the government take part in any operation. it's gonna be crazy interim prime minister adnan said the government is unable to hold them back has been overwhelming in the country's southeast government buildings in more than a dozen cities that remain under the control of products on in the midst of the a list of reach for us mona mona administration buildings and police stations in the south and east of the country up and take it that the city of lost every ride and it's just been a cyst but straight news is that people will posses decades with elton costume in the second cones. look here many residents of the city do not consider the government in kiev to the new testament says to avoid provocations from the authorities and from the army. the self defense forces of kids in that region have taken advantage
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administration compared the situation is calm day on wednesday morning last name took over the token administration building. it was the finance and it's business as usual. meanwhile the police station remains in the hands of organization supports as it was taken of the on april the fourteenth when i'm hitting the guns away the same has happened but also to a number of organizations check points along the way. chan and glue is dry it from going off that use the settee up new gun wait no autonomy advocates have taken that the government building as well as you can see there are bags of sand in our time is what the windows on the fence filled the building had been smashed. they have been reinforced with any chair sandbags and mattresses to try and defend the building against any possible attack by the ukrainian army the cheapest offer the ukrainian army is recorded in the city talking to the cabin at universities
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up close or students had the same time. at the same time the long boom is that the twenty six it could be making its way here. the city of two guns. it seems is preparing for concerts meanwhile in the square opposite this administration building. the ukrainian flag has the know it would not call me. now what does away with residents with the debates and on going to take the administration building. it connects with gravy on top of seven local government help. it's nice to me. i'm not trying to reinvigorate that will get that forces the voice is right that the global information for forming the band to ukraine that pushing thread bill that was the wolf and refinement of my patients like listen america get one in line with policy in washington and or spoken to john as china and not his thing is this is a warring beattie the us
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broadcaster's so called independent media in united states is no such thing as a video in case you know it's it's taken some bizarre be known it's arty of it that that they're going to sing the praises of up whatever administration in power. but you know it's going to make it a a an official policy now i guess at this point i think the real cover up for the real story is how much of the establishment media in united states right. the six or seven corporations that control ninety plus percent of the information is disseminated to the people this country how much of that is being influenced by his government. the thing that none of it is his absolute ludicrous in my estimation is quite a bit of that is all about towing the party but he might have a little bit in here and there to seek a meeting of the ocean of red team vs team but in reality it's always order to support the war were to support the mix the stabilization effort or to support via the rhetoric to the outlets inside concrete frame yet
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now what if i hadn't rung resistance of the bond amount of green reality. and according to the latest world health organization report that means common and treatable infections can once again carol find the smallest hospital. no states reveals that last one cuban twitter was sorting out he says but at the disco believes promote a scandal is such that what is it honest. right from the sea. it's a gripping picture. reporters were there the animal. on top. it is a
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whistleblower. ten downing street with a petition demanding protection for the eyes. bush had lankan government and corporate wrongdoing. take. use of a government officials to report corruption. and they kept the door slammed in a case. the joke an inflamed by ten thousand people calls on the uk government to make good my face no whistleblowers applying the extended stay at echelon dualism of the subjects of discovery state and federal budgets to bring attention to that nifty. that wendy addison is one of us went to downing street and she told us he wanted was some lollies and support. i was the most dreadful of the biggest bed is all states of african history. adam and i view the whistle on wealthy cents within a listed company in south africa and that is the company was on the johannesburg stock exchange. and as the petitioner. and my discovery of sadness to
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the innocent enable all all stakeholders funds. and and that required me to to find my voice to speak on today stats and an inside gate. my mind for a change in the book of details to. next he goes into the street though the compost pile when it has since taken the bait but the exciting thing about this and the thing that we need to hang our head to head on is that it's attend a conversation it's coming from the perspective on the whistle that he often victimized will most often victimized and as a result of that victimization. it contains the dna on the people and had fun stitching onto future. iran is provided in the first mention cole says the issue of american troops to enter a piece of that but the elections will not find the shed but at least fourteen people killed across iraq. despite tight security with hundreds of thousands of soldiers deployed to try and
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prevent attacks at putting sanctions. saddles and walked on foot of our vehicles monthly meeting on the council's there is also the bonnet will be released later this month. helios is called respects bed dying of bonding of his predictions on the antarctic. i was of course is indeed very much a part of the landscape throughout iraq. and it's only natural that there would be a very violent outcome from this collection the violence is the worst it's been since two thousand and seven. there were more than two thousand deaths get in the first quarter of two thousand fourteen. it's spiraling out of control the worst that it's been since the american or coalition forces left iraq. i don't see how it's going to get any better unless there were some reason to believe that there was a fundamental shift in how power is rejected in a row. i don't see any happy ending
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elsewhere on the wall this time. at least nineteen people including children were killed in the serie a season of afl and while bonds has an entry score back to this report as rebel forces i sit here and there find the c o line that claims to share the gospel and was behind that time. seal is ongoing civil war has claimed in the minds of either one hundred and fifty thousand people and displaced many several hundred people aren't so good when it last night air is capital demanding the government and actually when it's eleven hundred am to explain that as a recruiting a few weeks ago i went home to oklahoma on the distance race at the school in the face of the country has recorded the gaza by force to murray that islamic extremists. feast of american wing causing an explosion at the jail in florida. we
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honest i'm not good de buffalo police station two ky no one but he is. but to create a printable the book was the last forty six dollars even in the studio but to open with neptune floating in the component but it was ruled to allow you to connect it to mean that those who guard the explosion at the simple and take the story of the total the crypto somehow or another. kaplan was broken. that goes through the woods was that there was a metal gets portion of the essential than kick to it there were boxes of the people at the store the appetite and to follow the robot one hundred and three of them the ticket the government hospital to the area i am. post a photo
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from a vacation. you can well it's different the last repeat the same old job. of course him. ex girlfriend stupid tear jerking poetry keep jobs. ignore it. we post on blog reading mentors or to your facebook usage ii the and. all i can i. it didn't do it it moved. he he
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he he. to me. if you read the piece. i am. to be in the realm of profiteering. as the new. young artists project with the theory brainchild of fun that i know where i'm gonna find center the artists involved
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in creating it. in cpr. in june. charles john. and mikey can. the rarer are. labeling each. in t town. as a modern take on traditional landscapes. when the time talking to the mountaintop. i took a liking for two to complete the dimensions of conceding to the chbteau de conti. google. coffee and talked to contact. i don't claim to know. jones two hundred clients in reply to she was our greatest needs
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new teams. none are on campus he checks in on. through the continuing high. due to a country. i am. sometimes it's real and concrete. second to none in stock the heat and use pieces i somewhat influenced by canada's team on the colorful and playful
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it's going or what the people she told us all and when the legend was too hot out it is you will feel he took it and danced while i was. he offered to buy into his art class. one that really lenient find evidence in hand and drew a line drawing theory. london at the corso. look for hiring going on don't even own one in particular that it will go and when she stood on the phone book the law. if they keep being held down the high line is simple and
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witty. we are. yet that did it. talked to the following week. woke up. ghost. he's happy clients. rich people to appreciate simple pleasures it is. we wish to london. i don't mind them today. don't pigeonhole to normal. going digital. back to reducing them. and now. and c'mon admit it. even through everyday prosperity
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creativity can help find the deadline. i knew him. chu
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you will . the a new england snap security drills was held in the nineteen ukrainian capital kiev unfolding around a hundred soldiers with assault rifles and machine guns to reveal not only has the military and speaks my skin is acting prison and pallets of its original announced that the ukrainian armed forces have been put on full alert in response to continued russian aggression. he is the cutest most notable street scene in on the pricing industrial east by russian speaking separatists who exceeds the government buildings in a string of towns and cities largely on the news like these ukrainian government has admittedha


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